The first Nordic Migraine Symposium

Since 2013 Teva Nordics have arranged an annual Multiple Sclerosis symposium in one of the Nordic capitals on scientific topics within MS. With the advent of Ajovy (fremaneuzmab) the first scientific Nordic Migraine Symposium (NMS) was held, copying the concept from the earlier MS symposia, which have established themselves as highly credible scientific events with clinical relevance. The NMS intends to be complementary to other international congreses, bringing especially the Nordic doctors interested in headache disorderes, and headache researchers, to the symposium. 

The NSM2019 took place on 29-30 November in Copenhagen, with the topic Anti-CGRPs - from Molecule to Man. In total approximately 135 participants attended, mainly from the Nordics, Belgium and the Baltic countries.

Click here to view the on-demand videos and podcasts from NMS2019.

Much more information is available in the NMS2019 report available here.

Click here to view summary of the ajovy SmPc available here (in Danish).


The symposium was livestreamed via a web link and through the developed symposium app, TevaScience. On the first day, 67 unique viewers livestreamed the symposium from the Nordics, UK, Germany and the Baltics. 

Via the app the delegates could e.g. view the biographies of the steering committee members, the speakers, view the slides presented, ask questions to the speakers, and take the post-symposium survey. All sessions were evaluated to be very relevant. The scientific gain and clinical usefulness was also scored high.


Snapshots from the TevaScience app

Andrew Blumenfeld presenting

Messoud Ashina moderating the last discussion session with Andrew Blumenfeld (middle) and Lars Bendtsen (right)